`'`Sunday, September 11, 2005`'`

Had a great time during holidae sia!!! Went back china and stay there for like 40 days then chat with a lot of u guys, really had fun, even got the typhoon MAI SHA(Sell Sand). It is still good lorx..But feel like time passes very fast one, so i didnt get any chance to know any hot girls man!!! so boring lolx.. U all know me one lorx, no one talk to me i will dione lolx.. haiz...sianz... sorry abt not updating my blog for such a long time.. but very happy to get your tags and stuff also..THX FRENZ AND BUDDY!!!!! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

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`'`Tuesday, May 10, 2005`'`

Love is like a disease,
It cannot be cured once infected,
The feeling will never cease,
Even you are rejected.
Love is like a dream,
It disappears within a blink,
You will never find the theme,
Beacause you cannot catch a wind.
No matter how hard your try,
There might be only one true love until you die,
You may not have to deliberately to find,
For destiny will bring it to your side.

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`'`Tuesday, April 05, 2005`'`

Sorry,Guys.SO long nv update liao..Cos mid-year approaching liao,so very busy.Hw getting more and more..ESpecially English, took me hours to do it man!! Not becos it is too much, is too CHIM liao..Shakespeare so free sia, write so much stuff when he free.Haiz..Sianz..
Todae had a lousy basketball game man!! Start to hate it oridy, my teammates kana foul then the stupid 2 metre freaking refree didnt see, come on man, u want the whole bball court to be made of mirror so tat u can see izzit?? Then my 2 team-mates wanna tell him it is foul then he gave 2 technical fouls to them..I was like wt_ lolz!! It is really foul lolz..Then our team onli got 4 players.How to play lolz.. Then those stupid audience like still laugh when they got foul out lolz.. Really wanted to shout "SHUT-UP" to them..So noisy..Then everytime i score then they like say nothing then if i miss then they all boo~~~~ so loud.. wth is tat lolz.. Canadian miss nvm, foreigner miss then so big reaction.. TMD.. Made my day so pissed off.Then stay in the cafeteria listen to music, nv even bother abt the bell..Went in class late for like 15 min.. Lucky is gym, then everyone also late.. If this is going on,think i quit play basketball liao lol, 3 matches already, everytime like tat..Wat they want lolz.. I muz be so PRO~~ then nv miss arh??
Enuff of this shit liao la..make me buey song..
Rest of the day still ok, but schedule a bit tight sia, tmr quiz, wednesday nothing,thursday book report then math test, friday math project due, then next mon got phy test and math whole 3 chapter de chapter problems..Hahaz.. Guess u guys also not so relax ba? Last time talk to YS then he complain Jc very stress..Hahaz.. Like tat one la.. But is kind of fun knowing more friends sia..Tat is the onli good thing abt JC.. Then my msn contact getting more and more liao also.. Hahaz..Later u all dont talk to me then i delete liao horz..HAhaz..Just kidding..TAke care ppl.. Tag me when u all free..Hahaz..

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`'`Friday, March 11, 2005`'`

Yes Man!!!Finally got to play basketball for gym class. It is much fun than badminton.the teacher actually sugests me to go for a basketball try out in September. BECAUSE i am a PRO!!!Wuahahaz... But what is nt fun is to play wheel chair basketball, it is kinda of CLUMSY, now then i noe abt the inconvenience of those disabled person..At least i am a able-bodied MAN!!Wuahahaz.. Have been a nerd for so long already, didnt even go cut my hair, not as Handsome as b4 oridy..Hahaz.. but my results is like shit lols..Expect to get full mark if i really work hard lols..But i didnt, kinda of disappointed, then here every subject also got ppl like Jessie los...So wat los.Haiz..Sianz.. Think going to be a nerd 4eva liao,wont have antmore time to HAVE FUN oridy..You guys noe wat i mean right? Looks liek all of ytouy going to be busy soon,but i dont think for my gang any of them will work really hard los.. Hahz.. not Kan Bu Qi you all,it is damn TRUE!!!!! Hahaz.. I am feeling a bit guilty of blogging during lesson liao.. I will blog again next time.. Flood me GUYS!!!

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`'`Tuesday, February 22, 2005`'`

Went tubing last Saturdae,it is onli 4 international students. Had great fUn getting to know new fRenZ..Hahaz..Then got CHIO BU!!!so chio,then she is like got a bit kinda of shy..OH MAN!!!Finally,fOund thE egGy tAt i wAnT!!WOOT!!!! I will go for it,but slowly of cos,wuahahaz.. YONG SIANG, wish your brother luck, faster!!! Hahaz.. But dunno y, i became so SHY tat day(can u believe tat?), then i didnt taLk so much..Hahaz..Maybe becos their chinese is not very good,then they KEEP SPEAKING CANTONESE with ANOTHER GUY... !!!TMD!!! Hahaz..All i noe for cantonese is "tio lei lao mou" aNd "you mou gao cuo".Haiz..Y didnt i learn Cantonese in S'pore!! My greatest regret in my whole life man!!! Hahaz...Sounds like i so pervert like tat..Just kidding, didnt even bother to ask msn from her, cos kinda of like not interested to start a relationship here, then one of my frEn keep saying she is chio then ask her msn also, probably he will "ahem", so 4get abt it.. I dun wAnNa it anymore, so i will just stop myself b4 falling into it..
Hahaz..Then today during lesson was having a kinda of questionaire, there are questions like

Sincerely speaking,i_______
1, am a freak
2, am a genius
3, am redicolously good-looking
4, dunno wat to do
5, think that this question is very stupid
The animal tat you think tat it represents ur character is
1, the animal tat produces bullshit
2, crouching tiger
3, funny monkey
4, none of the above

Guys,guess wat are my answers for these two questions?? Muz think out of the box becos the questionaire does not request you to print your name..Hahaz..So my answers are~~~~ Hahaz..I will leave to u all, dun come out with funni answers pls!!! YS, especially you!! Hahaz.. Thx, tag me for ur prediction.. Hahaz.. I will tell u all the answers after u all tag me..Hahaz...
All the best to all of U btw..Becos think you all gonna take ur results soon le ba..Good LUCK GUYS!!! Andthx guys 4 tagging me, like Mel,my school is very FUN..
And for Jeremy, thx for tagging me at 2.02am..Hahaz..Thx..

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`'`Thursday, February 17, 2005`'`

Woohoo~~~,long time nv blog liao, cos a bit busy recently, too much hmwk sia~~ Hahaz...
Had a fire in school yesterdae lei,WOOT!!! Shiok sia!!! Was having English lesson half way, then suddenly the fire alarm sudddenly rang, i was thinking: wa lau, the teachers and government here is even more bo liao lei, school just started 3 weeks then got this kinda of training liao arh? Haiz..
Then while i was walking out of the school then i saw smoke sia~~,wat the!!Thot is rehearsal or sumthing,hahaz.. It was like -12 degrees outside los,lucky i got my sweater and jacket with me sia~~, those who having gym lesson and left their coat in the locker de damn swey sia, cos everything indoor they all wear onli shorts and half-sleeved shirts, SONG BO!!! Wuhahz.. Then standing outside for 15 minutes, even got jacket also BTH liao.. Then the principal came out and ask us to go home.. We went to the Mac, and came back later, later then heard tat actually got such a brave GAL who put out the fire and she is hospitalized becos of smoke inhalation..Woah~~, make me wanna noe her sia~~. One word--"DIAO"!!
Hahaz..Then the rest of the day like not so fun liao, cos half of the students nv go back to school..Shiok sia!! Hope got more fire then no need to go school liao lolz..Hahz..
By the way, late HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY!

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`'`Friday, February 11, 2005`'`

These few days so busy sia~~~,everyday English hmwk either compo or compre,then the teacher noe i china boy,teach me after lesson summore,so CONCERN abt me sia,make me think of Mr. Tan..Hahaz..then everyday muz write half a page de journal, this is really killing me man!!
Haiz,tat day saw her online,dunno y cant control,talked sumthing bad to her,then she went offline liao..Haiz..Wat the...Haiz,wat eva la,just let her 4get me ba,i dun wanna like still be bothered oridy..Had a fortune cookie yesterday,it says"set your mind on,confidence will lead u on". Wuahahz,so i muz 4get everything as in bad memo la,and i will work hard de..I need a 90% average to get into a U..English??haiz..No confidence sia~~
K la,4get abt the unhappy things la,hahaz..All pass oridy just ike YS said lolz..Had very tiring gym lesson last week, warm up 30 min lei,wat the hell lolz..a lot ppl complaining then she changed it after tat..Fortunately sia~~~.Then i got to paly basketball finally!!!!It is so shiok,i scored 2, then i can reject no1 lolz,they all so tall, i nearly kana rejet also lei..HAd a half an hour game,shiok!!!Tat is the best day of school besides the hmwk..
Haiz..So sianz,chinese new year,no1 to take money from..Chatting on msn is all tat i can do lolz..haiz..Nvm,can go out walk walk..Hahz...Byez guys..See ya..
Happy new year!!!

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